Senior health is a focus for families with elderly relatives. They must ensure their loved one eats healthily and follows the doctor’s orders. They must keep their relatives safe from slipping hazards and other dangers. In this article, let’s explore activities for elderly care in Washington;

Mental health is another consideration. Older adults often deal with depression and isolation. They are also subject to cognitive decline.

Hobbies help improve senior mental health. They provide cognitive activity to keep the mind healthy. They offer a sense of accomplishment that minimizes depression.

There are several hobbies seniors can engage in to improve mental health. Through in-home senior care in Washington, D.C., seniors can be encouraged to engage in these activities and keep their minds sharp. Here are some recommended hobbies.

Elderly Care in Washington, D.C.

Senior Hobbies Promoted Through Elderly Care in Washington, D.C.


Every senior’s daily routine should include physical activity. Exercise produces endorphins that reduce depression. It also improves memory and aids with learning and problem-solving. It reduces the risk of obesity and related conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Various physical activities are ideal for seniors. Swimming, water aerobics, walking, yoga, and Pilates are just a few that are low-impact and conducive to fitness.


Reading is a recommended senior activity. It improves memory and aids with decision-making skills. It delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It reduces stress and anxiety and aids with sleep.

Seniors may find it difficult to read due to eyesight issues. Audiobooks are a convenient solution. Elderly care Washington D.C. aides can also read to seniors.


Gardening allows seniors to engage in healthy physical activity. It provides them access to nutritious foods. The time they spend in nature helps reduce stress and improves physical health.


Seniors Got Talent? Many of them do. And those who don’t may consider trying their hand at theater, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.

Performing provides a sense of accomplishment. It keeps you connected to your community. Learning new skills or redeveloping existing skills that have been dormant keeps the brain functioning and reduces cognitive decline.

Visual Arts

Older adults may consider visual arts. They may take up painting, sculpting, sketching, or a similar art form. Art therapy may decrease negative emotions, improve mood, and boost creativity.


Birdwatching offers a connection to nature. It relieves stress and promotes physical health. Seniors boost their cognition by learning about the birds they watch. The activity also requires walking around and exercising.

Elderly Care in Washington

How In-Home Senior Care in Washington D.C. Can Help

Caregivers can help seniors engage in hobbies. They can encourage them to take up a hobby. They can bring them the materials they need to pursue their passion. They can also take them to classes, workshops, and social events related to their hobbies.

VMT Home Healthcare Agency is a preferred provider of in-home senior care in Washington, D.C. Our companionship services will keep your loved one engaged with their hobby. We also help with daily tasks and home health services.

Contact us to ensure your loved one stays happy and healthy.  

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