Senior care offers several benefits. It helps seniors attain higher levels of mental and physical well-being. It promotes a more independent lifestyle. In-home care also benefits family caregivers. It takes the stress off their shoulders and improves mental health. Read on to learn about the benefits of the senior care Washington DC caregivers provide.

How Caregiving Impacts Mental and Physical Health

Caregivers are under a great deal of pressure. They must balance their schedules to ensure they are available for their loved ones, and they worry about their relatives’ health.

The emotional impact takes a toll on their physical and mental health. According to the BCBS Health Index, caregivers have a 26% greater risk of developing physical and behavioral health conditions compared to the general population.

57% of family caregivers present with clinical anxiety and depression. Many self-medicate to reduce their emotional issues. 14% use alcohol, 18% use medication, and 50% turn to food as a temporary mood lifter.

Caregivers display high benchmarks and exceed population averages for the following disorders:

· Adjustment disorder

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Tobacco addiction

· Obesity

· Hypertension

They also show high percentages of ER visits and hospitalizations.

Statistics show millennial family caregivers are especially prone to health issues. Their increased rates of medical conditions are considerably higher than baby boomers or Gen-Xers.

How Senior Care in Washington, DC Can Improve Caregiver Health

Family caregivers can significantly improve their health status with the senior care in Washington, DC, that in-home care provides. They can rest easy knowing their loved one is in good hands. They can take the time to focus on self-care and reduce their risk of developing physical and mental conditions.

Of course, many people would hire in-home health care if they could afford it. Fortunately, there are ways to make in-home care more affordable. Families can research state-funded programs or use insurance to pay for their loved one’s care.

Senior respite care services are another option. Respite care allows family caregivers to hire a professional so they can take over for them when they need a vacation due to scheduling or stress. 

The caregiver can take a break, rest, and rejuvenate. They will return with a refreshed attitude that allows them to provide better care for their loved ones.

Professional caregiving can be expensive, but it can also save money. Family caregivers will stay healthier and save money on medical bills. Their loved ones will also receive preventative care to minimize costly health emergencies.

Senior Care in Washington

VMT Home Health Care is a Preferred Choice for Senior Care in Washington, DC

VMT Home Health Care is a customer service leader in-home care services. Our well-trained staff can take the pressure of family caregiving off your shoulders. We also train family caregivers so they can make money caring for their loved ones.

Our services are backed by 35 years of experience. Our caregivers undergo ongoing training to ensure they meet our high standards. We provide various specialized services, including senior respite care services.

Contact us to learn how to achieve optimal health for yourself and your loved one.

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