This year has been a rough year for almost everyone. Yet despite the bad stories we may hear in the news all the time, 2020 has seen a lot of amazing breakthroughs in healthcare, and in home care, and elderly care in particular.

Many of these advances are due to improvements in technology. We can expect more advances now that these industries are seeking more ways to adapt to the pandemic.

So without further ado, here is some good news regarding home care and elderly care in 2020.

Advances in Telemedicine, Remote Technology, and IoT

The events of 2020 made visiting healthcare facilities much harder. Telemedicine had been on the rise slowly, but thanks to lockdowns, many people had to pay a virtual visit to their doctor.

Additionally, there is remote patient monitoring, which uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to track patient health in real-time. This can help seniors live more independently while having access to better care.

Seniors Using Technology - VMT Home Health Agency

Online therapy saw huge spikes in usage as well. People couldn’t go see a therapist in person as easily — but also, the pandemic and lockdowns led to stress and social isolation. Online therapy was there, ready to help people work through their problems, stay strong, and improve their mental health.

A New Possible Way to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Early

As people age, they unfortunately have a chance of facing dementia. There are several forms of dementia, one of the most common being Alzheimer’s disease. 

Alzheimer’s is caused by the buildup of two different proteins — amyloid and tau — in the brain. Amyloid builds up and forms plaque around brain cells, while tau tangles up with brain cells. This can injure and kill neurons in the brain, eventually affecting brain function.

There is no cure yet, but early detection allows for better treatment. Fortunately, scientists discovered a simple blood test that shows promise as an early detection test for Alzheimer’s. If the test shows results in further studies, it may be put to use as a way to screen for the disease early and easily.

More Smart Home Technology, More Independence

Smart home technology allows seniors to live more independent lives, yet still access care when they need it. They no longer have to depend on a phone. This can save lives and is especially helpful for seniors with vision problems or limited mobility.

Good News About 2020 - VMT Home Health Agency

For example, if a senior falls, they can call for help simply by speaking to their smart home device and asking it to call someone.

At VMT, we are committed to offering only the best home care to each of our patients in Washington, DC. Each of our caregivers is empathetic, reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to doing their best. Contact VMT today to learn more.

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