Your loved ones may need extra care as they get older. You may now consider various senior services in Alexandria, VA. You may wonder which type of care is right for your elders, home care or a nursing home.A 2021 AARP study reveals that 77% of people 50 and over prefer to age in place. They enjoy the familiar surroundings and the fact that they have the freedom to do what they want when they want. A home care aide can help them stay home and appreciate their twilight years. This article will look at home care vs. nursing homes in Alexandria, VA, so you can decide which is the right choice for your loved one.

Home Care vs. Nursing Homes in Alexandria VA

Independence: Seniors prefer home care over nursing homes because it increases their independence. They can do what they want to do when they want. They don’t need to deal with a restrictive nursing home schedule.

Familiar Surroundings: Home care allows seniors to age in familiar surroundings. They will enjoy the comforting atmosphere of their home. They will be able to enjoy the company of nearby friends and family. They will also feel safer and more secure.

Reduces Dementia: Aging in place can be beneficial for preventing dementia, memory loss, and other cognitive issues. Individuals will grow older in a comfortable atmosphere. Their caregivers will offer opportunities to use their brains so they are less likely to deal with memory loss.  

Reduces Elder Abuse Risk: It’s sad but true. Many seniors admitted to nursing homes become victims of abuse. Nursing home aides may be guilty of neglect and even physical and sexual abuse. Elderly individuals are less likely to experience abuse when they age at home. Home health aides are vetted and undergo background checks to ensure all activities are above board.

Cost: Senior services in Alexandria, VA, can be expensive. Home health care is usually the cheapest of the two. You won’t need to pay for lodging. Care might not be full-time, so you end up spending less.

Better Health Outcomes: Nursing homes in Alexandria, VA, are often highly populated. The environment increases the risk of exposure to infectious diseases. When seniors age in place, they are exposed to fewer germs and have better health outcomes.

Improved Mental Health: Many seniors have declining mental health due to isolation and health problems. These issues could worsen if they stay in a nursing home against their wishes. Aging at home offers a pleasant environment that promotes better mental health.

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VMT Home Health Agency is the Best Choice for Aging in Place

When comparing home care vs. nursing homes in Alexandria, VA, home care comes out on top. But it’s essential to find the right home care agency. VMT Home Health Care is an obvious choice.

VMT Home Health Care offers various services, from assistance with daily activities to specialized home health needs. Our licensed team members are caring and compassionate. We will ensure your loved one enjoys optimal physical and mental health as they age.

Contact us to learn more about our quality services.

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