Your senior loved one is an important part of your life. As they age, you want to do what’s best for them. Making the decision between an assisted living facility or in-home care in Washington, DC, is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make, and it can be overwhelming. Let’s look at what these choices are and the advantages in-home care provides for seniors. 

What Is an Assisted Living Facility? 

An assisted living facility is a full-time, long-term care facility where your senior loved one will live and receive needed personal care on-site. They’re ideal for people who need constant help with daily care needs but don’t need the medical assistance provided by a nursing home.  

What is In-Home Care?

In-home health care involves a senior living at home, alone or with other family members. An in-home health aide visits on a regular schedule to provide companionship, assist with tasks, and attend to minor medical needs. Many of our DC senior residents value their independence, so having the option for in-home care is important to them. 

What Are the Benefits of In-Home Care over an Assisted Living Facility? 

Each option, in-home care and assisted living, provides benefits to seniors as they age. Which is right for you depends on your loved one’s needs. However, in-home care does provide unique benefits. 

Aging at Home

In-home care services allow seniors to stay at home, closer to their community, friends, and family. For seniors who have put a lot of time and investment into their homes, home care services ensure they receive the care they need while staying in the home they love. 

In-Home Care

Home Care is Customizable

At-home care allows you and your senior loved one to determine what services they need and find the right person to assist them. For example, if your loved one needs help with daily tasks but not personal care, your home caregiver can meet those specific needs while leaving bathing and hygiene care to your loved one. 

Home Care Services Are More Affordable than Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities come with a larger price tag than at-home care. This is, in part, because they come with 24-hour care and additional services (some of which your loved one may not need). Home care is usually less expensive because you’re only paying for the care that you need. 

Home Care Services Ensure Independence and Safety for Seniors

An in-home caregiver lets your loved one live independently while a caregiver meets their additional safety and care needs. Seniors can enjoy community events, care for themselves and their home, and live without the interference of set schedules that assisted living often comes with. In-home caregivers also help to ensure seniors’ homes have the safety features they need and maintain them. 

VMT Home Care Provides Relief for Family Members

If you are your senior family member’s primary caregiver, you need time for your own needs. Sometimes, you just need a little time off to rest and see to your emotional and mental well-being. VMT’s respite care services provide that much-needed time that family caregivers need for themselves. 

In-Home Care Gives Seniors Companionship

Loneliness is a risk for many seniors, one that assisted living facilities are not always able to address. VMT provides one-on-one companionship in addition to assisting with daily tasks, meals, and other services that seniors need. 

Are You Looking for In-Home Care in Washington, DC?

VMT Home Health Agency offers senior health care for Washington, DC seniors. Contact us for a consultation and to learn more about our services.

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