Meet Dr. Chantal Lewis – Medical Director of VMT Home Health Agency.

Dr. Chantal Lewis is a board-certified family medicine physician who is passionate about building strong doctor-patient relationships. With more than a decade of experience, she provides evidence-based patient care to home-bound and elderly residents in the Washington DC metro area through her company, Mednovations LLC. A graduate of Howard University College of Medicine and Eastern Virginia Medical School, she knows that understanding the perspectives of patients is invaluable when making medical decisions.

Dr. Lewis has been VMT’s Medical Director since January 2020.

VMT is a premier home health agency based in Washington DC. VMT had had a long-standing history in home health industry and was known regionally. Their Washington DC office is comprised of talented employees, many of whom had been with the company for more than five years. Dr. Lewis found the longevity of staff and low employee turn-over appealing because having long-term staff members was key to ensuring continuity of care of patients. Since partnering with VMT for patient care, she has found the organization to be innovative and always looking for new ways to improve the patient experience. Dr. Lewis is excited about future opportunities with VMT to provide excellent patient care.

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