As your senior loved ones age, it’s important to spend quality time with them. Quality time allows you to build memories and connections. It also helps your loved one enrich their life. More, some activities can help improve your loved one’s mental health and delay some of the more impactful effects of aging. Let’s look at some activities to do with seniors that will help lift their spirits and enrich their lives. 

Invite Your Loved One to Help with Daily Chores or Errands

You have a home caregiver for your loved ones to help them with their daily tasks so they can live independently. This is important for our loved ones to ensure their needs are met, but it can have a side effect: your loved one may feel listless. One of the best things you can do for your loved one is to invite them to help with some caregiving activity or even accompany you on an errand. Helping with a simple chore activity, inviting them to help prepare meals, or inviting them on errands will help your loved one feel involved in their own caregiving and the care you provide your family. 

Schedule a Weekly Family Game Night

Everyone loves playing games together and competitive games can be healthy for our brains no matter our age. Set up a game night with your senior loved one and try out a variety of games. If you have young children, include a game that the younger children can play as well. Numerous card games and board games provide competitive gameplay. Games like spades involve team play that is also healthy. Some board games involve cooperative play for a common goal and are just as engaging and fun to play. 

Weekly Family Game Night

Engage in Volunteer Activities with Your Loved One

Volunteer activities are another way you can help your loved ones feel productive and help them engage with the community. Volunteer activities you can do together can involve a wide range of activities including, 

  • Volunteering for your child’s PTA or other school-related activities
  • Creating care packages for local charities
  • A weekly shopping trip for the area food bank
  • Weekly reading or craft activities for children at your local library

Learn a New Language Together

Learning a new language engages our brains in unique ways. Learning a new language is also a doorway into learning about other cultures and people. Invite your loved one to learn a new language with you, either through community classes or online learning. 

Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Outdoor activities are also wonderful ways to lift your loved one’s spirits and engage with them. Gardening is a good activity you can enjoy together for much of the year. If your loved one is interested in growing vegetables, you can tend a small garden together to raise vegetables for charities in your area. However, gardening isn’t the only activity you can enjoy together. Picnic in the park. Go for short walks (especially with a pet) or spend time relaxing on the porch together with a favorite beverage and conversation. 

Caregiver and Senior Enjoying the Outdoors Together

Are You Looking for In-Home Senior Care in Washington DC? 

If you’re looking for someone to help with in-home care, whether as a permanent caregiver or for respite care, contact us. We’ll be happy to review our services with you and help match your loved one to one of our expert caregivers. 

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