Seniors can find themselves living with limited mobility for a number of reasons, from injury or illness to the effect of aging. Unfortunately, limited mobility can have serious impacts on the mental and physical health of seniors. Fortunately, family members and caregivers can help seniors living with limited mobility stay active and engaged. Here are some of the ways our experts at VMT Home Health Agency help seniors with limited mobility stay active.

Seniors with Limited Mobility

Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

A lot of activities can be done no matter our level of mobility. Some of these activities are great to do alone but work just as well with a companion or in a small group. This means that many of these activities not only keep seniors engaged, but help them stay social as well. 

  • Reading: Reading is a wonderful way to keep the mind engaged. It is also a good incentive to socialize, as seniors can join a community book club or even create one with their friends. 
  • Television and Video Streaming: Screen time can be engaging. Encourage your loved one to watch documentaries (streaming services offer documentaries on a variety of topics from pop culture to science and history). Channels like the Travel Channel, History Channel, and Food Network offer engaging and entertaining shows as well. 
  • Music: Listing to music is engaging and relaxing. If your loved one has musical talent, then encourage them to pick up their favorite instrument again. 
  • Crafts and Hobbies: Another way to engage your senior loved one’s mind is to encourage crafts and hobbies. Knitting, drawing, painting, and putting together puzzles are all creative ways to keep your loved one engaged. 
Seniors with Limited Mobility
  • Chair Yoga: If your loved ones’ limited mobility keeps them off their feet for most or all of their days, chair yoga is a good way to encourage physical activity. Yoga is good for both mental and physical well-being. Chair yoga helps your loved one improve flexibility and strength. 
  • Gardening: Gardening is an activity that your loved one can enjoy, even with limited mobility. For an outdoor garden, help your loved one create a garden they can easily tend based on their mobility. If outdoor gardening isn’t possible, help them set up an indoor garden on the windowsill or a sunroom.
  • Indoor Games: Your loved one can enjoy a variety of games with friends, family, or a companion caregiver. From board games to card games, encourage them to try different games. Setting up a game day to try new games is a good way to keep your loved one mentally engaged. 

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