Have you noticed that your senior loved one seems bored or a little down this winter? While many of us enjoy the cooler weather, especially if we live in areas where it snows occasionally, the cold can be hard for senior citizens. It’s especially important this time of year that they keep active and engage with friends and family. Here are some indoor winter activities that you and your loved one’s caregivers can utilize to stay engaged and active during the winter months. 

The Power of Music

Music can inspire, relax, and energize. If your loved one is feeling tired or disinterested in activities, invite them to listen to some music. A CD, record, or even recordings of music online are all wonderful options. If your loved one is musically inclined, make sure they have the opportunity to create music themselves. A piano or electronic keyboard or other musical instruments they prefer can be a wonderful way to occupy themselves during the winter months. If they have a computer, you can even get them computer programs that help them create music on the computer to share with friends and family. 

Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and games are another way for seniors to keep their minds engaged and alleviate boredom. From card games to board games, you have dozens of options to enjoy with your loved one. Puzzles offer seniors a mental challenge they can do alone or with you. Puzzles and games are also a way for seniors to socialize with their friends and be a host during the afternoon or early evening. 

Winter Activities
Caregiver and Seniors Solving a Puzzle

Crafts and Creative Projects

Encourage your senior loved one to take up a craft or other creative project. This will allow them to express themselves creatively. They can create gifts for family and friends or even donate to their favorite community charity. Some wonderful projects for seniors include, 

  • Knitting, crocheting, or sewing
  • Making bird feeders
  • Creating homemade holiday decorations
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sketching or painting

Light Aerobics, Yoga, and other Exercises

Help your loved one stay active through the winter with indoor aerobics, yoga, or other exercises. You’ll help your loved one maintain their balance and physical health. In addition, exercise helps to boost your immune system and elevate your mood. Your senior loved one will be able to enjoy physical activity, and company, and get a healthy boost all in one.

Grow an Indoor Garden

If your loved one enjoys gardening, consider helping them plant an indoor garden. You can set up a table in a sunroom or an indoor plant box in a bright window. They can grow a variety of indoor plants including herbs. They’ll be able to bring the outside indoors for the winter while enjoying their favorite plants. 

Winter Activities
Indoor Garden

Take an Online Class

Has your loved one expressed an interest in learning a new language? Maybe they have an interest in philosophy. Online classes are a wonderful way for your loved one to engage with others. It’s never too late to learn something new. You can help your loved one sign up for an online class – some community colleges and libraries may offer free courses. You can also work with your senior loved one to find video tutorials for crafts or other projects they’d like to work on to watch. The internet provides a wealth of opportunities for your loved one to take advantage of. 

Start or Join a Book Club

Seniors are often at risk of social isolation during the winter months. Help your loved one socialize with their peers and friends by helping them join a book club in their area. Not only will they enjoy socializing, but they’ll be also encouraged to engage with regular reading (something that’s good to do year-round). If there’s not a book club in the area, help them start a book club in their own home. 

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