A healthy life is important at any age. It’s especially important as we get older that we make sure we focus on all aspects of our well-being. We all struggle to achieve the 7 essential elements of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational. Here are ways you can help your loved one see to their all-around senior wellness. 

Maintain Good Diet & Exercise

A healthy diet is important to any lifestyle, but it is essential for your senior’s good health. Maintain a balanced diet that includes healthy, low-fat proteins, fiber, fruit, and green vegetables. Ensure that your seniors stay well-hydrated throughout the day and make sure they limit their salt and alcohol. If your senior smokes, help them discuss with their doctor ways to quit smoking. 

In addition to a healthy diet, ensure that your senior gets plenty of exercises. Your senior should aim for about 2 ½ hours of physical activity per day. This can be challenging as we get older, especially if we face limited mobility or chronic health challenges. Some ideas to help your senior stay active include, 

  • Walking a pet or with a friend, companion, or loved one
  • Gardening indoors and/or outdoors
  • Low-impact exercises and yoga, with a focus on cardio exercises
  • Light to moderate house cleaning

With a good diet and these suggestions, you can help your senior see to the physical and environmental elements. Activities like gardening and yoga can also help them maintain their spiritual element as well. 

Seniors Exercising

Ensure Your Senior Has Opportunities to Socialize

Loneliness can set in as we age, as we have retired from our careers and our children have families and careers. Ensure that your senior loved one has opportunities to socialize with others. Some ideas to ensure your senior has social interactions include, 

  • Scheduling regular visits with your loved one for a game night other activity
  • Having an in-home caregiver visit with your senior and engage them with reading, games, and other intellectual activities
  • Finding senior-focused activities in your community for your senior to attend – game nights and book clubs are both excellent examples
  • Volunteering in their community based on their talents and ability – for crafty seniors making care baskets or knitting at home are good ways to contribute to community volunteer activities

Helping your senior to socialize and contribute to the community will help them maintain their emotional, social, intellectual, and occupational elements. 

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