For those living with chronic pain, even common tasks can become a major chore. Most people by now have at least a passing familiarity with the term “spoons” to refer to a person’s capacity to handle day-to-day activities. For seniors with chronic pain, those pains can be few and far between. Home care can help seniors with chronic pain regain the quality of life they want. 

Helping Seniors Pick Up Their Spoons

A home health aide helps seniors to manage their health, their tasks, and bring a sense of stability back to their lives. If your senior loved one wants to live independently, or if you need help caring for them in your home, our caregivers at VMT are here to assist you. Some of the things we help seniors with chronic pain manage includes, 

Medication and Exercise.

Our in-home caregivers assist seniors with pain management and exercise routines. We help ensure that your seniors follow their physician’s prescription instructions safely. We also recommend and supervise exercise regimens tailored to their abilities and needs.

Monitor for symptoms and side effects.

Our in-home caregivers monitor your senior for sudden or unexpected side effects to medications. When necessary, they inform your senior’s care team of side effects, ensure your loved one’s comfort and safety. Our caregivers can also recommend safety changes in the home when necessary to help seniors safely adjust to new medications. 

Providing emotional support and socialization

Our in-home health aides do more than help care for your senior’s health. They also offer your seniors the emotional support they need and are there to help them pass the time. For seniors who spend most or all of their day alone, home companion services are a vital way to help them socialize. This is especially true for seniors with chronic pain or who have limited mobility. 

Providing help around the home.

When you’re a senior living with chronic pain, sometimes getting out of bed can take up most of your spoons for the day. Seniors with chronic pain often find themselves with little to no energy to manage even light cleaning and chores. Our in-home health aides can also assist with a variety of housekeeping chores and meal preparation as well as personal care tasks that are sometimes difficult when dealing with pain. 

Providing transportation and scheduling assistance.

In addition to helping your senior with their pain management and daily tasks, our in-home caregivers can help your senior manage their schedule. Our caregivers can provide transportation and help them keep up with important appointments.  

Giving relief to primary caregivers

If you’re caring for your seniors in your home or helping them in their own home, you know how challenging it can be. You’re managing their care and your own as well, and it can become overwhelming. An in-home health aide can help take some of the stress off you by providing the services we’ve described above and giving you peace of mind knowing your loved one has the assistance they need to live independently or in your home. 

Are You Looking for in-home care in Washington DC? 

If you’re looking for a home health aide in Washington, DC, contact us. We’ll be happy to review our services with you and help match your loved one to one of our expert caregivers. 

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