It’s important, to keep ourselves active during the winter, especially for seniors. While it’s tempting to just bundle up under a blanket and wait for spring, activity is important for our mental and physical health. Here are some safe activities for seniors during the winter that you can incorporate– in addition to wrapping up in a warm blanket and sipping cocoa. 


When there’s a chill in the air, nothing feels quite as good as a warm kitchen. Winter is the perfect time to test and practice recipes. If your loved one has been struggling with meal preparation because of a restrictive diet or is just bored with their meal routine, now is the perfect time to try out ideas. Cooking is also just a wonderful hobby and a great way to bond. Share your favorite recipes and enjoy. 

Quilting, Knitting, and Crochet

Knitting, crochet, and quilting are wonderful ways to pass the time in the winter. Keep your hands and mind active while you bundle up and stay warm. You can knit or crochet sweaters, scarves, and other items for yourselves or as gifts for friends and family. Quilting is a hobby that you and your senior loved one can do together, or turn into a generational project, creating a quilt of memories to enjoy and pass down through the family. 


Winter tends to keep us indoors, especially when we’re older when the cold can aggravate health conditions. Staying inside, however, doesn’t have to keep seniors from staying active. Even if your loved one has mobility challenges, they can keep active with exercises like, 

  • Stretching
  • Step exercises – with assistance or next to a wall if your senior has balance issues
  • Light yoga
  • Exercise videos like Go4Life
  • Strength exercises with light weights to maintain and rebuild muscle strength

Video Chats

The winter can be isolating for seniors, especially if their family lives far away. Video chats are a way to keep connected with friends and loved ones while staying inside and warm. Facebook Messenger offers a live call feature that is easy to use. If your senior doesn’t use Facebook, however, there are dozens of other online video chat options that are free and easy to set up. 

Senior and Caregiver on Video Chat with Family

Care Packages

Creating care packages is another indoor activity your senior loved one can enjoy and give to the community. You can use small boxes, reusable grocery bags, or plastic trash bags, depending on what you’re putting together. Canned foods, bottled water, and trail-size personal care items like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant are universal care packages you can put together. Diapers, baby wipes, and other infant care items are also vital care packages for communities. If your senior loved one enjoys knitting or crochet, handmade sweaters, gloves, and scarves are wonderful additions to winter clothing care packs as well. 

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