How to Reduce Stress in Seniors

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Everyone experiences stress now and again, but prolonged stress can have serious health effects.  That said, seniors can be particularly vulnerable to chronic stress. Retiring, losing a spouse...


What is Respite Care? What You Need to Know

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Caregivers work hard to make sure the person they’re helping lives an enjoyable life — but it’s an around-the-clock job.  These caregivers need a break every so often, and that’s what respite ...


Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month: How to Care for Patients With Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a neurological condition that can lead to cognitive decline and subsequently dementia.  The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that around 6.2 million people in the US have Alzhe...


COVID-19 Vaccination Information in Washington, DC

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COVID-19 vaccines are finally being distributed in DC and around the world. Thanks to the high rate of vaccinations, the CDC is starting to loosen mask guidance. However, it can be hard to find qua...


Dealing with Parental Resistance to Caregiving

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Being told you need assistance from a caregiver, even subtly, can be hard for anyone. Accepting caregiving services means acknowledging that you’re getting older, and few people enjoy being told they ...


Important COVID-19 Vaccine Information for our Caregivers at VMT


The FDA has authorized both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine; The first in line to receive the vaccine are essential workers in the healthcare industry- this includes homecare caregive...


Black History Month: African American Contributions to Medicine and Caregiving


February is Black History Month — a time to reflect on the challenges black people have and continue to face, but also a time to celebrate their contributions to society despite these challenges. T...


Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Got the Sniffles? Upper Respiratory Tract Infections – Do I Have One?

Do You Have an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection? That sinking feeling you have an upper respiratory tract infection brewing is something you’ve likely experienced at least once or twice. You feel ...


Hire A Good Home Health Aide in Washington DC

Home Care Services in Washington DC - VMT Home Health Agency

If you are looking for someone to provide home care services to you or a family member, you can hire a professional home health aide in Washington DC. These home health aides provide care services in ...